The Ultimate Guide To A Light, Bright, and Airy Home.

Posted on Mar 18, 2016 in Interior Design, Trends | No Comments

Spring has almost sprung, it’s hard to contain our enthusiasm! Here is our ultimate guide to making your home feel more light, bright and airy in preparation for this wonderful season!

1. Light Walls

2016’s Benjamin Moore colour of the year is “Simply White.” This is a fabulous colour for anyone looking to refresh their home. At Red Door we particularly love the white wall trend, as it creates a gallery effect in your space, allowing each piece of furniture and artwork to stand out, and really make a statement.

Light, Bright, and Airy

2. Light Furniture

We understand the risks associated with a light fabric, however pets can be trained and rules can be made! We believe that light coloured furniture is key for brightening up a room, darker furniture in a light room has a tendency to be “blocky” and breaks up the open flow of  the space.

Light, bright, and airy.

3. Soft Drapery

Drapes have come back in a big way! To give an airy feel we like to use a light neutral panel or a sheer, silks are very popular this year too! Mounting them just under ceiling height creates a grand feel, and the lighter tone allows some light through to give a glowing effect.

Light, Bright, and Airy

4. Pops of Colour

At Red Door we love using colour! Having a light space works well with the addition of a few pops of cololur, make a statement with bold hues, or be subtle with pastels.

Light, Bright, and Airy.



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