Dan’s Gift Guide for the Holidays

Best Christmas for Guys – 2016

The holiday season is upon us once again and as thousands of eager shoppers hit the malls and shops looking for gifts to buy, I feel it necessary to clear up a common misconception the fairer sex has of the men in their lives. Socks, ties, underwear, slippers, bathrobes, and sweaters are not our idea of a great gift. Oh sure, we will smile and act like we just won the lottery as we swoon over the new pair of socks with the pink polka dots on them (destined to be hidden in the back of the sock drawer) or the pimped out purple silk tie (even though we don’t wear ties to work anymore). Truly we will be happy with whatever you get us. But what do guys really want? Cool stuff. Which does not include any article of clothing. Unless it’s a new jersey of our favourite sports team. Seriously, guys like cool stuff. It does not have to serve any purpose, other than to be cool and unique. And yes, guy friendly. Here are 3 suggestions for you…you’re welcome.Clock

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