Coffee Table Styling Guide

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Elevate your style game with these designer tips!


Accessories work best in threes. Like these glass spheres, it’s said that groups of three make a lasting impression and “feel” better than groups of other numbers.

Red Door Home Living - Spheres


Keep it simple with key pieces you want to display, make them the center of attention.

Red Door Home Living - Bowl


Natural elements like fresh flowers and wax candles, are always in style and go a long way to make your space feel warm and inviting.



Trays and books are in, in a big way! They are also very useful on upholstered pieces to give a solid surface.

Red Door Home Living - Layering

Have Fun

Accessorizing is the best part of decorating, there is really no right or wrong. Pick a few pieces you love and  get creative, like this vintage camera!

Red Door Home Living - Personal Items

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