2017 Design Trends

Last month, Dan and I went to the High Point Market which is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point every six months. With over 180 buildings and 11.5 million square feet of show space. I know this would seem a little over whelming wouldn’t it? Well this isn’t our first rodeo! Having attended the market already three times, we know how to organize our time efficiently so we can see who, when and where to be to see the forecasted trends and products. If your decorating a new space make sure to look out for the following trends to include and avoid for 2017.




Bold art deco patterns are making their way into the upholstered pieces, lighting and case goods. I can see why its growing popularity since its a great way of giving a modern piece a vintage look. Art deco focused on detailing and intricate craftsmanship, popular in todays interiors, all while making a room feel luxurious and bold.




Popular colors trends forecasted for 2017 are dark greens and rich browns, bringing the organic tones into the the neutral grey and white spaces (popular the last few years) Expect to see the rich tones coming in from the wood furniture pieces and green incorporated from upholstered items and wallpaper this year. Its a great way to bring the outdoors in!




Area rugs are such an important layer that grounds your space and can add a lot of texture in a room. On its way out is the old traditional patterns (floral or trim along the edges). A popular style I saw repeatedly was cowhide, for its beautiful natural texture and detail. I love this because it is unique and offers a nice level of durability. Another trending style was the distressed carpets, with mixing colours and tones, creating a more casual environment.




The Chesterfield sofa never ceases to disappoint, in many of the show suits we are still seeing it trending. It’s a classic and yet is used throughout various interior settings. You can play it up, or play it down. Its also great for its low profile and detailed back, which is great if your trying to make your space feel more open.



Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 12.59.42 PM

Gold, gold, gold everywhere! Recurring in all the retailers show suites was gold and the use of mixing metals. I didn’t see much rose gold this year, anticipating it is on its way out. But antique silvers and golds are still very strong. Mixing metals is great because it adds a layered story to your space. If you aren’t that bold yet, antique gold is still a beautiful metal to mix in.

– Lori Lee

Which one is your favourite 2017 Design Trend?

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